I very much enjoyed this interview with the guys from Workaholics. I’ve been nursing a hangover yesterday and was playing season three of Workaholics in the background so I wasn’t really paying attention. But the stuff I did pay attention to definitely had solid jokes. The guys seem so much fun to party with, it would definitely be cool if I could buy them a drink sometime.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the downhill ever since its early seasons, but dang, this episode made me LOL.

I enjoy my drinks, and I do find a correlation between whenever I stop drinking in a bid to do that whole “healthy lifestyle” thing and when I get sick, shameful as it is to say. (But then again, like what Dennis said about information, “just stuff it deep down and keep an eye on it”.) I prefer not to think of myself as an alcoholic (alcoholics go to meetings, I go to parties) but that the toxic alcohol has a bactericidal effect on germs.

So remember kids, avoid the flu, keep on drinking!

(This message is not approved by anyone who wants to be a productive member of the society.)


There are a lot of reasons for disappointment in life.

The sight. The pure sight of emptiness at the playground. Was fifteen minutes really that short a time?

Dark tanks, navy shorts and musical instruments in transparent cuffs. One conversation, one awkward moment and one set of ugly clothes.

I am house number three.

The end of Breaking Bad may be last week’s news but since I am only now catching up on my backlogs of RSS feeds, here’s a round up of the best Breaking Bad links.

Last Updated: 16th December 2013

Premise: Plain Jane Kimmie (Rebel Wilson) does stuff with off beat girl friends (Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira) while working in her law firm along side crush (Kevin Bishop) and office bitch, Kendall (Kate Jenkinson).

Who’s it for: Fans of The Mindy Project and New Girl and girls who are self proclaimed geeks.

Why you should watch it: A rare triumph for the underdogs and plain Janes out there when Kimmie one ups the attractive Kendall and gets the guy who is normal looking enough, but is actually a goofball. Also, who doesn’t love Rebel Wilson?

I binge watched the entire season two of American Horror Story over a two day hangover, and I must admit, it is good. The first season turned me off AHS as I thought that the storyline was too scattered and incoherent and I just. couldn’t. stand. the. emo. kids. Nate and Violet were hella annoying! At that point, no one knew that the direction Ryan Murphy was going in was that each season was planned to be a mini-series, and there were definitive distinctive conclusions instead of a patchwork of in-cohesive stories intended only to carry on with the legacy of the horror house.

Perhaps I was biased against Murphy, or perhaps I was too blinded by how annoying the teenagers were, but after I forced myself to complete season one, I vowed I am not going to continue with AHS no matter how well hyped the second season was. After a slump of not discovering good new shows to watch and having to marathon watch How It’s Made, I decided to foray into AHS again, and I am loving the results. To be honest, I did try to make myself watch AHS S2 when it premiered (although I vowed not go carry on after season one), and I was kind of turned off by Adam Levine. There is no woman on earth that can resist the charm of Levine, but I think he plays too easily into the sexy leading/front man role and casting him as a newly wed on this kinky honeymoon just seems tired and uninspired. I am glad that Levine’s character is not part of the main storyline but serves as a side plot to connect the main storyline with the present.

AHS is stylised and great to watch, it has plenty of scare moments punctuated with that jarring screechy sound effect and all the actors cast played their characters effectively that it just becomes believable that they are that sadistic. The shocking situations that the characters were put into were fresh and horrific and doesn’t come from the generic scare box of most horror movies. There are no murdered in the bathroom scene, no dumb jock wanting to play the hero but gets decapitated and no strong female character eventually hacking the attacker to death then collapsing into tears. And there were definitely many highlights in the horror that was employed. The main storyline was full of intrigue as well, and it is one of those series you just have to marathon watch because you HAD to know how it ends ASAP.

However, AHS is a series focused on the storyline and scare tactics more than a drama series with extensive characterisation and for that, it pales in comparison to other great drama series like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.  Perhaps this is because it is difficult to adapt the horror genre for television- in the horror movies we watch, the perpetrator is always just some “deranged killer” and if given a background story, was that he was maligned and is out for revenge. Or he is simply insane. That doesn’t exactly provide a strong reason to explain his cruelty. In Game of Thrones, we know why Sandor enjoys cold blooded killing; in Breaking Bad we see Walter White‘s reasons for mass murder. In AHS, we only know that Bloody Face has mommy issues but that is not compelling enough a reason to explain why he kills.

Even bad things have to come to an end.

Bravo, Breaking Bad. Thank you for five amazing seasons filled with non-stop action, drama and black humour. You have kept us fans constantly speculating, and you never fail to deliver. Seldom are there drama series with such solid acting and writing. Every single character was compelling to watch, and all added to the rich storyline that defines the show. You are truly a groundbreaking revelation in the golden age of cable TV. Here’s to the mad genius, Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Bob Odenkirk, cheers!